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Our providers will create individualized treatment plans based on genetic testing, functional/integrative lab assessments, nutrient deficiency testing, and patient history.


At Be Well Family Care our goal is help optimize our patients health. Learn more about how working with a Functional Medicine Provider is different from traditional medical offices.



Detox & Re-set for the New Year 

If there is one thing we have learned from the past few years, it is that making our health a priority is vitally important. Many people’s New Year resolutions focus on getting back to healthy habits and clean eating, so let’s do it together!

Join Swathi for this detox and re-set that will help us prioritize our health by focusing on better health habits, using good, clean food as our best “medicine,” and all the ways we can optimize our health in 2024! We’ll talk about how to improve metabolism, create long term healthy habits, and as always, focus on how to EAT well, MOVE well, SLEEP well and POOP well to BE Well.

Swathi will begin with a good detox and then will introduce and guide everyone through the Mito Food Plan which combines phytonutrients, healthy fats, and proteins to give your body all of the energy & resources it needs. Each session the group will discuss their progress, share recipes, and dig in deep to learn about important topics including intermittent fasting, the importance of phytonutrients, healthy versus unhealthy fats, and feeling great from the inside out! Classes are preferably in person, but are available by Zoom if you are unable to attend.

Valentine's Date Night Class

Grab a date or a friend and join us for this fun chocolate class taught by Swathi Rao, PA-C and Dawn Parker, Author of The Healthy Chocoholic. 

Dawn will help us explore the benefits of this superfood while creating delicious memories with you someone special! 

Date: February 13th
Time: 6:30 PM 
Location: Be Well Teaching Kitchen

Our Patients Love Us!
"Thank you Swathi for offering the Gluten Free, Now What class. Gluten sensitivity runs high in our family so I am always searching for new ways to make gluten free food delicious and eating a delight. This workshop not only provided me with new ideas to make that happen but, I also learned new things about gluten sensitivity that I did not know before. Armed with this new information I can make better decisions regarding the foods my family and I eat. It also helps me to better understand, explain and identify some of the physical effects my family and I have experiencecd from gluten sensitivity. There were many things I loved about the class from the delicious meal cooked and served during the class, to the instruction with powerpoint, to the sharing and question and answer period. There really isn't enough time within an appointment to gain the fullness of information I did at this workshop and being with others who shared my challenges was both inspiring and comforting as well." Patient MS
"The group visit was one of the most unique experiences related to my health I've ever partaken in. To have the chance for your small group instructor to be your personal practitioner means she already knows so much about those participating in the class, their health history and where they currently are in their health journey. That made it intimate. To have a nurse/chef doing the live cooking demo while your practitioner is teaching was next-level. I've never seen or heard of anything quite like it, and I received a lot of takeaways that I can implement right away. The insurance coverage was for sure the icing on the cake." Patient JK
"Part of the functional health journey includes learning what a huge impact food has on your health. While most doctor offices tell you to eat healthy, Be Well Family Care actually teaches you how to eat healthy. This is why I like the group classes. Not only do they give you the motivation to eat better, but also the recipes and techniques to make better food. They help provide the tools and strategies you need to be healthy! It also creates a community that is not often seen in the healthcare world. Most healthcare models bring people together in the form of a support group after they are diagnosed with a disease. Group classes at Be Well create a sense of community to help people be at their best before disease happens, or even better to completely prevent disease" Patient MA

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