Patient Portal Help

We love our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System, MD-HQ, and one of the best parts or this EMR is the Patient Portal.

Our patient portal offers increased accessibility to your provider and your medical record. You can send messages, see your lab results, see your office notes, and more!

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the Patient Portal. Please follow the below links to access MD-HQ’s Patient Portal Help & FAQs: 

Logging In – To get to the Log In page go to and Click Patient Portal on the top. If you are having trouble logging in, give us a call. 

My Account Details – This is where you can update your basic account & insurance information, upload a photo of yourself.

Secure Messages – Send and receive secure messages. Messages should be for non-urgent matters only. Please call if you need something urgently!

Request An Appointment – This help sheet is not quite up-to-date at this time. If you need help learning to request an appointment through the portal, give us a call. 

Invoices & Payment – You can see statements and make payments here. Stay Well Patients – please do not pay a bill/statement before talking with our billing department! 

Labs & Documents – You can see your Labs and other documents on this page, as well as upload documents directly into your chart for your provider to see including Photos!

My Vitals – Log your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight and more. Also see graphs of your vitals over time. 

My Medications – Review your medications and request refills from this page. My Supplements is very similar, but for your over the counter vitamins and supplements as well as those purchased from our office. 

My Vaccine Record – Use this to update your record if you get a flu shot, tetanus shot or other vaccine outside our office.

My Pharmacies – Add or review which pharmacies you want us to send your medications.

My Visit Summaries – This is where you can see office visit notes. Notes do not appear in your portal until they have been signed off by your provider, so it may take a few days after you were seen for them to appear. If you have questions about anything discussed at your visit, send a message or give us a call!

As always, if you have any questions or need help, please give us a call. We are happy to help!